The Good Life

Embrace the Outdoors


Whilst we are all spending much more time at home, those of us lucky enough to have gardens are really embracing the outdoor space, particularly with the beautiful weather we have been blessed with recently.  April is a key point in the gardening calendar, so there are lots of jobs that we can tick off our ever growing lists now that we have the extra time.  Typical tasks that will need doing this month include:

  • Start weeding!
  • Tie in climbing and rambling roses
  • Move seedlings you’ve grown inside to a cool but sheltered place outdoors
  • Cut back spring flowering shrubs such as camellias
  • Plant maincrop potatoes

Don’t worry that you can’t visit your local garden centre at the moment, as there are many websites that are still delivering plants, seeds and equipment, and you can always add a plant or two to your basket when you visit the supermarket to shop for your essentials.  After all, growing your own produce is going to alleviate the stress on our overwhelmed supermarkets and greengrocers.

If you’re one of the lucky few to have a greenhouse, then it will now really be coming into its own. Sowing seeds, keeping tender plants inside until there is no longer a risk of frost, even just having somewhere to store your tools that come with being a gardener.  Don’t think that starting from scratch with seeds is out of bounds if you don’t have a greenhouse though, as you will certainly have a sunny windowsill somewhere indoors which will happily double as a nursery.

Perhaps you don’t have a garden, but instead live in an apartment with a balcony.  Well in that case there’s still plenty that you can do; with pots in a variety of shapes and sizes you can easily add colour and vibrancy to your space.  Did you know that you could even grow potatoes?  You can buy specialist growing sacks which take up minimal space and allow even the smallest patio or balcony to have a touch of the Good Life.

If you’re reading this and don’t have any outside space, don’t despair!  Window boxes and hanging baskets are a fantastic option open to everyone and allow even the least green fingered amongst us to have a go at gardening.  Trailing plants are particularly attractive in these settings, so why not mix in some Tumbling Tom tomatoes to your window box, or plant a hanging basket with strawberries to bring homegrown produce to your table.

If all the extra time at home has made you realise you really want to take the next step in your property journey by moving to a new house with a garden of your own, then why not take some time to explore properties for sale online.  You can spend time putting together a wishlist and admiring photos of all the gardens you see, but don’t forget the benefit of buying a new build property; the garden will be a blank canvas for you to turn into your very own Eden.