Building for Need,

not for Greed


In a world where securing a permanent home can feel like an uphill battle, Captiva Homes is taking steps to redefine the narrative. We firmly believe that everyone deserves the chance to live in a safe, comfortable, and affordable home, and we’re turning that belief into reality.

our Commitment to Affordable Housing

With over 2,500 households on the Isle of Wight in search of a place to call their own, our mission to promote Affordable Housing has never been more critical

homes for all

leading the charge

We are committed to change in the housing landscape on the Isle of Wight and are proud to champion the cause of Affordable Housing.

Over the past five years, we have contributed 20% of all Affordable Houses created on the Island, even though we represent only 10% of the new homes constructed in the same period. At our recent developments, houses for rent started at just £124 per week and purchase prices as affordable as £105,000.

a need for shelter

the basics

The Isle of Wight Council identifies tackling the Island’s housing crisis as its number one priority and in 2022 there were around 2,500 Island households on the Council’s housing waiting list.

There are conflicting views about what the ‘right’ number of homes to build is, and we do not claim to have the answer.  There can be no doubt, though, that more homes are needed.

Battling the Housing Crisis 

The Isle of Wight has a challenge shared with many parts of the UK, a pressing shortage of housing. Years of falling behind in the construction of homes has driven house prices up at a rate that outpaces the growth of average incomes. Hopefully everyone can agree that, as humans, one of our most basic needs is shelter

unlocking dreams

the housing puzzle

Building fewer homes can raise house prices due to supply and demand dynamics. When supply lags behind demand, it creates competition among buyers, giving sellers the upper hand in pricing. Factors like limited choices, higher land costs, investor involvement, perceived value, and speculation further contribute to rising home prices in such situations.


Our connection with the Isle of Wight runs deep, and over 80% of our customers are Islanders themselves. We are committed to turning the dream of having a place to call home into a reality for all Islanders. We want nothing more than enhance communities, boost the local economy by creating jobs and supporting businesses, all while maintaining environmental responsibility.

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