ways to get you moving

We have a variety of schemes available to help make moving home easier



Available to all buyers, Own New Rate Reducer lets you buy a new build home with a lower interest rate mortgage. It’s a regular mortgage, just with lower monthly payments for the initial period.

  • Lower interest rates
  • Smaller monthly payments
  • Own 100% of your property

Make your beautiful new home a reduced rate reality, and have more to spend on the things that matter.

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Are you a first time buyer?

Rent to buy

Rent to Buy is sometimes offered on selected homes and can help tenants save for a deposit to buy a home. Rent to Buy offers those who are working and who aspire to home ownership, the real prospect of achieving their goal of buying their own home.

*Available on selected homes only

discount market sale

Sometimes you can purchase a Captiva Home with a discount on the market price. You’ll pay no rents and no loans, but you must pass on to the discount to any new buyer when the time comes to sell the property in future.

*Available on selected homes only

shared ownership

Shared ownership is a scheme allowing you to buy a share of your first home. An affordable housing provider will own the other share and you will pay an affordable rent to them on the remainder.

*Available on selected homes only

do you have a home to sell?

we’ll help you sell

with no agent fees to pay

Found a new home you love, but still have a property to sell? Don’t worry, we’ve got ways to make it easy.

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