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Living on the Island, we all know about the slower pace of life, and what an interesting place it is to live. Its history and heritage, miles of beautiful beaches, areas of outstanding natural beauty and of course the additional sunshine hours than most of the UK!

This stunning part of the UK that we’re lucky enough to call home is unique. It has a culture and community of its own that’s very special, something which we are very proud of.

As local people ourselves, we feel the weight of responsibility of development on the Isle of Wight and take pride in delivering much needed homes for our community.

“As an Islander, I am extremely interested in the environment around me. At Captiva I am able to make sustainable decisions where cost isn’t always the first consideration”

Andy – Quantity Surveyor

Our community

love local

Where possible, we are always to trying to support local businesses and trades.  This isn’t always just bricklayers and chippies! Working with Isle of Wight Hampers gave us a way to not only provide our customers with a beautifully curated move in gift, but a way to support multiple local businesses and to showcase the best the Island has to offer in local produce.

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Our goal is to work with the land owners on biodiverse regreening schemes. Upgrading local nearby land to a healthier ecological state, improving soil fertility and water retention by planting additional vegetation such as trees and shrubs.

Unlike national housebuilders, whose management positions, central procurement and trades are often mainland-based, not only are all our employees Islanders, but we also make a concerted effort to work with Island companies and employ Island trades people.

Here at Captiva Homes, Island people remain our primary focus and we are committed to ensuring our homes are aspirational yet achievable for local customers. We are incredibly proud to be able to celebrate that over 80% of our reservations come from Island residents.

How does building homes benefit our island?

As well as providing desperately needed  homes, house building delivers massive benefits to the Isle of Wight’s economy and its community.

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In a world where securing a permanent home can feel like an uphill battle, Captiva Homes is taking steps to redefine the narrative on the Isle of Wight.