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It’s widely understood that there is a shortage of development land available, especially here on the Isle of Wight. But with the demand for new homes at an all-time high, we are always looking for opportunities to acquire prime sites for redevelopment.

We have extensive knowledge and experience in the world of planning and construction and are always pleased to hear from landowners and agents who would like to discuss the potential of a plot of land. We consider all opportunities, including existing homes with large gardens, brownfield land, agricultural land and even greenfield sites which have been earmarked for development.

For those not in the building industry, the process may seem daunting, so as a starting point we would be happy to carry out a free plot appraisal and answer any questions you may have. We will give you honest and professional advice and outline the options surrounding the development potential of your site.

Working alongside a team of experts including architects, town planners and other specialists, we deliver beautiful homes. As Island people born and bred, it matters to us that we do this with absolute excellence in everything we do and ultimately, as we and our families live here, we must be proud of what we build and where.

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