Excellence is our benchmark

Excellence is our benchmark


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Captiva Homes is a local housebuilding business run solely by a team of Islanders with a successful pedigree of building homes on the Isle of Wight for over two decades.

We pride ourselves not just on building houses, but on creating great communities of homes with a firm focus on excellence, working to superb standards of design and build, and with a close eye on the essence of the Isle of Wight, its landscape, environment and its people. That is always our aim.

dedicated to innovation & sustainability


With a passion for longevity and a desire to be better we are creating flexible spaces, committed to continually improving our environmental efficiency, constantly evolving, challenging the norm and refusing to stand still.

‘A’ Rated homes

All new Captiva Homes currently achieve a SAP ‘A’ rating. Some of our homes feature technologies such as air source heat pumps and underfloor heating in a drive towards sustainability.

Rewilding more than we build

Our desire to rewild the same or more land than we develop on the Isle of Wight each year is already well underway. Captiva Homes have secured 56.9ha of land for our rewilding programme.

Carbon Neutrality

We are already developing an action plan to becoming a carbon neutral business with a difference. We are looking to commit to fully offsetting our Carbon here on the Isle of Wight itself.

We’re passionate about this unique and stunning part of the UK that we call home. It needs investment and progress, but also protection and responsible development.

James Pink – Founding Director

our values


Captiva was born of a belief that nothing is impossible and with a will to create homes not houses, to push boundaries in an industry often set in its ways and to offer excellence at great value.


Our homes have an aspirational beauty, yet we believe in being achievable for customers. Focusing on craftsmanship and excellent materials, we create homes that are built to a higher standard specification within their core fabric.


We don’t just build houses; we have a passion to create homes that our customers are proud of. Captiva brings both outdoor and indoor places to life, amplifying space to its best potential. Creating a legacy which enhances lifestyles and communities.


Our homes go above and beyond in our quest to integrate within their setting, their environment and their neighbours, setting a benchmark to be ‘best in class’ when it comes to engaging with local communities.





As local people ourselves, we feel the weight of responsibility of development on the Isle of Wight and take pride in delivering much needed homes for our community.


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our captiva family

Captiva has evolved based on honesty, fun and sharing our successes. With diversity we embrace different ways of working. We are proud to have created a rewarding environment that allows our culture and behaviours to be at the heart of every aspect of the business.

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At our Highwood Grove development, we are proud to announce that all of our Newbridge homes have been built with nature in mind…specifically bats.