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Our commitment towards the environment & drive towards a greener future 

dedicated to innovation & sustainability


With a passion for longevity and a desire to be better we are creating flexible spaces, committed to continually improving our environmental efficiency, constantly evolving, challenging the norm and refusing to stand still.


At Captiva Homes we are local people ourselves, so we feel the weight of responsibility that development on the Island brings.

Our new homes are already designed with energy efficiency as a key design consideration. High levels of insulation, quality construction on-site and high-efficiency heating systems help to cut down carbon emissions and your bills.

In 2019, we made new climate pledges as a business and in addition to joining the Solent LEP sustainable business programme and setting carbon neutrality targets for our business, that support and exceed the Isle of Wight Council’s Mission Zero strategy, we are setting on a journey to deliver key sustainability promises and greener building.

We continue to challenge ourselves to deliver ever more energy-efficient and sustainable homes for our customers and we are constantly striving to reduce and mitigate the impact of development locally here on the Isle of Wight.

Iain Delaney – CEO

All homes ‘A’ rated


We incorporate a timber frame, ‘fabric first’ method into the construction of our homes. This enables us to apply larger amounts of insulation and therefore achieve higher air tightness ratings.

We currently implement technologies such as Air Source Heat Pumps in conjunction with modern underfloor heating systems plus photovoltaic panels and mechanical heat source ventilation in our drive towards sustainability.

rewilding more land than we develop


Our goal to rewild the same (or more) land than we develop on the Isle of Wight is already well underway.

We began our rewilding programme at our Highwood Grove development in Rookley and have already planted over 1000 trees.

We have now secured over 50 hectares of land as part of our rewilding programme, enabling us to rewild more land than we are developing at our current projects across the Isle of Wight.

becoming carbon neutral


With help from the Solent LEP Sustainable Business Programme, we have modelled our total carbon footprint and developed an action plan which seeks to both reduce and offset.  100% of our offset will be delivered here on the Island and we aim to be carbon neutral before 2030.

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Giving Nature a Home

At our latest development, Highwood Grove, we are proud to announce that all of our Newbridge homes have been built with nature in mind...specifically bats.

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